Welcome to Kenya Automotive Security Association

Kasa is an organization of motor vehicle security industry specialists members who are all companies who have built a reputation of reliability overtime in the fitting, installations and maintaining of vehicle based security products and the support thereafter. It is with this in mind that the Association members decided to formalize and create an industry standard that will only serve to give the vehicle security industry a structure within which to operate but also give the motor industry a formal body with which to regulate and create standardization.

KASA is an acronym for Kenya Automotive Security Association, the association was formed by established industry members who have a track record in vehicle installations and maintenance. KASA was formed to ensure that the industry is not blemished by briefcase players who are not only informal but offering short term vehicle security products with no fall back for both the clients and stakeholders which may lead to a bad industry name and it is the established security firms that take the blunt for its shortcomings.

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