KASA is formalized to be industry standard players by which CA will vet to ensure compliance of the vehicle security firms. Secondly, a standard by which stakeholders who gain to benefit from KASA include banks, financial institutions, insurances companies, PSV Sacco and any other transport association.

This is a proposed long term partnership.

How all this work.

The following will ensure all the above KASA membership is seeking formal acceptance by CA to regulate as follows:

Have a registered membership with KASA

  1. All members must be limited companies/ registered trade names with the registrar of companies.
  2. All members to have a fixed abode and address.
  3. All members to have a valid workshop and fitting centers recognized by KASA and CA.
  4. All members have semi-annually training with relevant stakeholders i.e. new motors models.
  5. All members to be ETR complaint.
  6. All members have to have registered vehicle security fitting staff with both certificate of good conduct by the CID, registration under the KASA and the CA license.
  7. All members to have and issue a certificate of installation with every fitting specifying product installed against a valid tamper proof serialized KASA and a valid CA license on the certificate.
  8. KASA to keep data for all the valid certificate issued all members.
  9.  All products fitted fall within technical specs provide to CA by KASA.
  10. All products that require a sim-card or any form of telecommunication must have a type approved certificate Issued by CA or KEBS
  11. All members will be guided by the price drawn by KASA.
  12. All principle tracking fitters must have a secure control room, secure servers that meet set standards.

Finally, KASA proposes that all the vehicle security products will have to be serviced or checked regularly in order that stakeholder’s renewal requirements are met. This will safeguard the stakeholders.

In order that all members ensure their conformity they put a tamper proof KASA seal affixed to all certificates they issue, this seal sticker is serialized meaning an audit trail can be picked up from KASA office to the company should the need arise.

To ensure the above is met and regulated it is the proposal of KASA that the stakeholders recognize sealed certificates issued by KASA members bearing the serialized hologram of KASA sticker overlaid with the company seal of the KASA member.

In order to attain an industry standard which shall be restructured from time to time with conjunction with the stakeholders and in keeping the technology advances the following basic minimum vehicle security requirements have been set as a basis of this formalization.


To provide a unified, regulated and protected motor vehicle security industry.


Our Mission

To provide a regulatory framework for motor vehicle security industry and protecting the industry from external threats such as unfair competition to ensure provision of long-term sustainable solution to the industry players.


Core Values

  • Responsibilty
  • Accountability
  • Team Work
  • Unity of Purpose
  • Adherence
  • Reliability


isAll goods and services provided in class B and class C


  • GSM tracking solutions
  • Satellite tracking
  • GSM alarm
  • CCTV Cameras
  • Servers (Inhouse or outsourced)
  • GSM speed governors
  • After crime support


paAll goods and services provided by class C and:


  • Radio frequency
  • Reseller of tracking units
  • Installer of tracking units
  • After crime support


ufGear Locks


  • Immobolizers
  • Car Identity
  • Cordless Locks
  • Car Alarms
  • Keyless Entry Modules
  • After crime support
  • Speed Governors
  • Other Car accessories