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KASA is an organization on motor vehicle security industry specialists members who are all limited liability companies having built a reputation of reliability overtime in the fitting, installations and maintaining of vehicle based security products and support thereafter. It is with this in mind that the association members have decided to formulize and create an industry standard that will only serve to give the vehicle security industry a structure within which to operate but also give the motor industry a formal body with which to regulate and create standardization.

KASA is also set up to begin an industry self-regulation body for vehicle security players and stakeholders. Recognized structures that can be insured upon an audit trail to ensure vehicles are appropriately secured.

KASA is an acronym for Kenya Automotive Security Association; the association was formed by established industry members who have a track record in vehicle installations and maintenance. KASA was formed to ensure the industry is not blemished by briefcase players who are not only informal but offering short term vehicle security products with no fall back for both the clients, stakeholder which leads to a bad industry name and it is the industry players who take the brunt for this shortcoming

Also within these association objectives is to ensure that technicians and fitters employed within the membership of KASA have no criminal record have a valid license from the CA.


To provide a unified, regulated and protected motor vehicle security industry.


Our Mission

To provide a regulatory framework for motor vehicle security industry and protecting the industry from external threats such as unfair competition to ensure provision of long-term sustainable solution to the industry players.


Core Values

  • Responsibilty
  • Accountability
  • Team Work
  • Unity of Purpose
  • Adherence
  • Reliability


isAll goods and services provided in class B and class C


  • GSM tracking solutions
  • Satellite tracking
  • GSM alarm
  • CCTV Cameras
  • Servers (Inhouse or outsourced)
  • GSM speed governors
  • After crime support


paAll goods and services provided by class C and:


  • Radio frequency
  • Reseller of tracking units
  • Installer of tracking units
  • After crime support


ufGear Locks


  • Immobolizers
  • Car Identity
  • Cordless Locks
  • Car Alarms
  • Keyless Entry Modules
  • After crime support
  • Speed Governors
  • Other Car accessories